Jim Barry – Lab Principal

Managing Director, BlackRock and CIO, BlackRock NTR Renewable Power Fund

Jim Barry

Jim Barry, Managing Director, is global head of BlackRock Infrastructure Investment Group (BIIG) and in this context is Chief Investment Officer of the BlackRock NTR Renewable Power Fund. BlackRock Infrastructure Investment Group (BIIG) offers a global, primarily institutional, client base access to Debt and Equity Infrastructure investments. Prior to joining BlackRock in 2011, Mr. Barry was Chief Executive of NTR. He led the transformation of NTR from its origins as an Irish toll road developer, through its period as a broad-based Irish utility, into a leading international developer in renewable power and sustainable waste management. During his tenure, Mr. Barry was a director or Chairman of NTR’s key subsidiaries, including Wind Capital Group, Greenstar, Green Plains Renewable Energy Inc., Bioverda, Stirling Energy Systems Inc., Tessera Solar, and Airtricity. In particular, he served as Chairman of Airtricity, a leading international wind farm developer, from its formation in November 1999 to its sale in early 2008. Prior to joining NTR, Mr. Barry worked at Bain and Company as a manager and consultant from 1993 to 1998. Mr. Barry earned a BComm from University College Cork in 1989 and an MBA from Harvard Business School in 1994.