The Lab Selects Four Ideas to Move into Phase 3

The Lab has selected the Climate Development and Finance Facility, Energy Savings Insurance, the Long-term Currency Swap, and the Agricultural Supply Chain Adaptation Facility to move forward to Phase 3 of The Lab’s work to identify, refine, and ready new instruments for pilots. The decision followed preliminary analyses of seven instruments that were previously selected from more than 90 proposals worldwide for in-depth analysis.

The decision took place at the Second Lab Advisor’s Meeting on 20 October 2014, in Venice. Advisors, in consultation with their Principals, reviewed insights from the preliminary analyses, discussed the findings, and voted for the most promising instruments for further analysis and stress testing.

More information, including a meeting summary, the full reports of all seven instruments, and synthesis report that outlines next steps for the four instruments moving into Phase 3, will follow in the coming month.